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Danielle J. Rogers

Professional Hairstylist

Danielle J. Rogers is her name, but in the beauty industry she is known as Danielle Jeanine. Danielle Jeanine is a mother of two beautiful boys and she has been a hairstylist for over 25 years. Danielle’s passion and love for hair began when she was in grammar school, where she could be found doing classmates hair for different occasions. Fast forward to high school, her notoriety as the neighborhood stylist caught the attention of a family friend, who encouraged her to attend beauty school. After graduating high school, Danielle attended Harry S. Truman Cosmetology College in Chicago, IL and graduated in 1994. While attending Truman Cosmetology College, Danielle participated in a series of hair competitions and events, which included Proud Lady Hair Show. After graduating, Danielle went on to work at Chatham Hair Salon in Chicago, IL for 13 years. Throughout the past years, Danielle has participated in several community outreach programs for battered and homeless women through Valley Kingdom International Ministries and DCFS in the Chicagoland area. Her love for service is one of a kind. She has provided free hair services for prom students throughout the years, as well as assisted with building self-esteem and providing proper grooming habits for women stepping back into society after finishing their recovery from abuse.


Danielle Jeanine’s work is currently featured in the renowned Sophia Brandon Boutique Salon located in Richton Park, IL, home of Naked by Essations Products. In recent years, Danielle has centered her focus on growing more as a stylist, which allowed her to attend numerous educational classes and conferences provided by Stephanie Luster, Denise Michelle, Niki Smith, Freddie J, etc. Although, Danielle is a jack of many trades, short hair is her specialty. Danielle loves short hair, specifically because she feels that when a woman cuts her hair it changes her femininity into becoming sexy and sleek. Danielle loves everything about enhancing a woman’s beauty, her favorite part of this profession is having the ability to transform different people and seeing their reaction. Most of all, Danielle enjoys the transformation from both a physical and spiritual aspect with each person who sits in her chair. Through conversation, Danielle makes sure to create a positive and encouraging bond with all her clients. After putting her dreams and desires on hold, Danielle Jeanine is stepping out of her comfort zone to embark on the next step of her career. She plans on taking the necessary tools to become an educator and coach for new upcoming hairstylists. Her new motto is for every woman to become “Faith- filled and Fearless”.